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What are your fabric wallart stickers made of?
All our wall stickers are made in the UK from a low-tac self adhesive fabric specifically designed for wall graphics. This premium fabric wall sticker material offers many benefits over traditional vinyl, like better durability – no curling, stretching or distorting over time. You can be 100% confident our wall stickers will stay where they are stuck but also easily removed without any damage to your wall or paint surface**. You can peel and re-stick our fabric products as many times as you wish and easily wipe clean with a damp cloth. We use eco-friendly non-toxic inks and our fabric stickers are PVC free and do not contain any solvents.

How long will your fabric wallart last?
You can expect several years of life from our wall graphics, depending on their environment.

Will your fabric wallart damage my walls or paint work?
Our fabric wall stickers have been tested in house and are completely wall friendly. They are super easy to remove and will not cause any damage to your wall surface or leave any residue at all**

What surfaces can I stick fabric wallart too?
Fabric wall stickers can be applied to most clean smooth surfaces including paint, plaster, glass, wood and metal.

Do I have to prepare my walls in any way?
Make sure your walls are clean and dry. If you have just painted, we recommend that you wait 3 weeks to allow any fumes to escape which may effect the adhesive.

How do I use your Wall Stickers?
First allow the sticker sheet to lay flat and unroll from the tube. Then it’s simple… Peel and stick to your wall! Complex designs like a tree will come with detailed instructions, but don’t worry…. They are easy to install.

Can I reuse your fabric wall stickers?
Yes! One key advantage of our Fabric Wall Stickers is that they are easily removed and can be used again on another wall many times over.

**Although extensive in house testing has been carried out on our products, in extremely rare circumstances if the paint has not been well applied to the wall or is badly bonded due to damp it can cause the paint to lift off as the sticker is removed.

Ordering & Payment

How can I buy your products?
Right here! Online ordering is simple and safe. Our website uses paypal as a secure payment process method. All personal and financial information submitted is processed by PayPal. We do not store any records of payment details.

All prices listed on our website are in UK pounds. LittlePrints reserves the right to change prices at anytime, including sale items, without notice.

Can I customise my order?
Yes! We can customise nearly all of our designs and colours to match your desires or work with you to create your own custom Wallart Design.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major Credit Cards. Online payments are securely processed via PayPal although you do not need to have a PayPal account to order online.

I don’t like to order things over the Internet.
If you do not wish to order over the Internet, please email your order and contact details to and we will process your order. You may also send us a cheque if you prefer, please make cheques payable to Joanna Starkey.

How do I know if my order went through?
You will receive an order confirmation notice via email when your order has been received.